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About Us

Let me tell you a little bit about us - I'm Vicki, owner of Sensory Central, mum to three beauties, homeschooler, busy bee and head of this sensory household!

My son Dexter, who is 7 years old, the funniest little dude (who I swear has bouncing beans stashed in his pockets 24/7) made his own little sensory shop in our dining room. He gathered all of the sensory tools we have around the house, lined them all up, made himself a sign and invited his customers (myself, his sister and his granny) to have a shop. He was so proud! After that he kept saying to me "can we open a real sensory shop?" so, here we are!

Dexter was diagnosed with Plagiocephaly at about 6 months old and wore a therapy helmet for 23 hours a day to correct the shape of his skull. Then he was diagnosed wth Global Developmental Delay at 18 months old. Dex was then diagnosed with Autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Combined Type, Anxiety & Oppositional Defiance Disorder in January 2019. Whilst this absolutely does not define him, it has and always will have a massive impact on many aspects of his life. 

My 9 year old girl, Phoenix, is a bouncy little babe! She was also diagnosed with Autism, ADHD & Anxiety in mid 2019 (WOW what a year that was for all of us!). She too has many struggles that affect various aspects of her life, and now that we have the "label", we are more aware, can access supports to help in the ways she needs and can educate those close to her. Girls are much harder to diagnose, and I had spent years thinking I just had a difficult child, who didn't sleep, couldn't focus, always needs to be touching me or close by to me and more. After Dexter was diagnosed I showed her an animated clip about Autism on YouTube and she said to me "Mum, that sounds like me!!".

Things that their peers could do with ease have always been a struggle for both of them. They are both so different too, no two people have the same struggles and challenges, or need the same supports. 

We have found that sensory tools really can help in some situations. They can have so many different uses and it's always handy to have some with us. 

I hope you can find some products in our store that help make your days a little less of a struggle. I know they're not the golden key, but they sure do help!

Thanks for reading along and letting me tell you a bit about us and our Small Australian Business.

About Us